Saturday, 30 October 2010


The final version of the previous post. Pretty happy with it, truth be told. waddya think?

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  1. Cool! Here's my impression:

    Totally more resolved, you've got a lot more of a finish to the whole piece, the patterns in the background are very nice. I've noticed, however, that they are tonally similar to the bottom gradients colour. It would do this piece some good to have the lines change colour/tone towards the bottom of the piece.

    Other than that, the only issues I have are with the girl. first off, there was something I really liked about the first one's eyes as just a colour with no pupils. If anything they helped tie together the more rendered head to the more graphic hair. The hair seems much more seperate from the rest of her now.

    The perspective of the head is a bit iffy but not unbearably so. Swotting up on anatomy/perspective is something to save for a new piece I think.

    last but not least: I think you could do with blending the skin tones together a bit more. The material of her skin looks slightly clay-like/lumpy. Human skin has much softer, gradual blend when lit brightly from a diffused light source. If you want to do it avoid turning it into a blurfest!

    Of course this more than qualifies as a final piece as it is!