Monday, 20 September 2010

WIP: Tata Gala Entry

WARNING: contains nudies.

And lots of errors.

Click through for full image.


  1. Critiques in order of importance/ as they occur to me.

    Gird yerself:

    Big flat cartoony eyes + realistic-ish body is kinda freaky.

    Define the volume of the body some more. For instance the upper arms are kinda flat and stretched and seem unconnected to the rest of the body leading to that puppet look you get when you concentrate on individual parts of the body without getting them to fit together.

    The left hand doesnt look like it's resting properly, it's roughly the right gesture but it looks like it's just floating there, but I guess that comes back to the previous point.

    I can assume it's gonna be more than just a naked bald girl right? it looks like a study more than piece right now (maybe that's your intention?) If youre gonna put hair/clothes/ whatever in you should do that from the off otherwise it looks disconcerting when you just add stuff in.

    Tonal contrast could be WAY more bold, everything is a little washed out and uninteresting. Read Mike's post in this apedogs post because it applies to you very well:

    The general anatomy tells me that you've been referencing... but I get the impression that you've only been referencing for this piece alone (I could be wrong). Did you do thumbnails before doing this? If not I'd HIGHLY recommend you do a whole bunch where you've really studied anatomy and different poses.

    If anything I reckon this particular iteration will get stale if you just try and correct what I've pointed out, I think some thumbnails and a start over will freshen this idea up a treat.

    Last but not least: this is your art blog man, the censoring is a bit much! Your hyacinth girl doesnt have a top on, why not go for broke? I think anyone that couldnt deal with seeing exposed boobies on your blog isn't really the kind of person that would want to check out your blog anyway :P

    Hope you enjoyed the novel!

  2. Looks good! How WIP is this though? Is she going to remain a baldie or are you gonna add stuff? As Toby says, it's not good to add stuff later. There's no need to draw anything (besides the most basic skeleton) that you're not gonna see and it'll just make it weird down the line. But if you're not gonna add anything then it seems to be really about the anatomy and I can't really fault it, not that that's really my area of expertise.

    My main (though not particularly exciting) advice would be to get it off that grey background. I know it can be good to work on but for presentation it makes whatever's on it look fuglier than it should. Same goes for that last picture I think. If a background is unimportant, go for white. It's the classy choice.