Wednesday, 2 September 2009

We are not wholly bad nor good...

...we who dwell under Milk Wood.
Though we may be overly pretentious with blog titles.
Anyhow, heres my responses to Dylan Thomas' uberpoem Under Milk Wood.
If you haven't heard it being read, because it really should be listened to, heres a link to the irreplaceable Mr Richard Burton performing it in it's entirety:
(i won't put all the parts up, but i'll guess you're savvy enough to follow the links)
Here's what i made of a few of the characters-

Captain Cat,

Sinbad Sailors,
Gossamer Beynon and Bess Bighead.


Soooo we get this biotechnology project, and i totaly muck it up on the first try (see last blog post) , then i gave it another go.
Remember this in this news: ?
I thought it was pretty groovy, and set me off thinkin;
Lil' virus dudes building batteries, right? That could be pretty world changing, right?
whatever, here's what I made of it. Only my virus dudes look like squid.
Note to self- colour choice be pretty important.