Sunday, 23 August 2009

Without Warning!

Okay, so i've sucked with updating so far but oh well that's in the past (if you notice when my last post was- far, far into the past). Here's some stuff. some stuff which i has made. Yesh.
Midway through the last academic year I hit a real slump creatively, and to be honest was really doubting my career/academic choices. To cut a long story short, finding my then-current work was just not making the professional standard i wanted, so i fell back on sculpting, which to this point was a strength of mine I hadn't considered viable for illustration.
But whaddayaknow, people seemed to like it, so after all this bluster here's the end result...

(you can stop scrolling now, here's the pics)

This guy got a little mashed up in storage (hence the big scratch on his nose) but he's still looking pretty sharp. He's meant to be an illustration of the state of New Hampshire, with lil folks breaking his state laws all over him (including picking up seaweed (d'oh breakage!), letting cows poop over county boundaries (does that look like a nappy to you? hmm, answers on a postcard) and drinking cheap hooch and picnicking in a graveyard (one assumes this law still carries when one is dead).
Let me know what you think, whatever you think.
Stay tuned for more in a little while...